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Old people give leisure chairs

Time:2015-10-13 15:10:53

It is very important for the elderly to choose a suitable lounge chair. The Department of Ergonomics, Waseda University, Japan specializes in the study of the relationship between the "elderly and the lounge chair". Professor Yelu Eiyong believes that the elderly focus on choosing the leisure chair:

       First of all, a larger and stronger lounge chair with a larger backrest area. The backrest must be able to allow the elderly’s waist and a chair to approach the back, support the elderly’s head and shoulders, and have armrests.

       Secondly, the height of the lounge chair is lower than the height of the knees and legs, and the old man sits with his feet on the ground. At the same time, the length of the lounge chair seat and the length from the hip to the knee of the old man.

       Third, the leisure chair, choose the best light, the best of 3~4 kg.

       In addition, make the old chair more comfortable to sit up and some tricks. If the chair is too high, put the foot of the stool. If the chair is too low, the cushion needs to have a certain degree of stiffness. If the seat length of the lounge chair is too long, add cushions between the backrest and the elderly.