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Old people to send a leisure chair

Time:2021-07-09 12:00:00

For the elderly to choose suitable leisure chair is very important. Waseda University Japan human engineering department devoted to "the old man and the leisure chair" relationship research. Professor Noro Eiyong thinks, for the elderly in the selected leisure chairs to the attention of key points:

      First, the backrest area larger and stronger leisure chair. The backrest must be able to let the elderly waist and back of a chair close to, and can support the old man's head and shoulders, and have armrest.

      Second, leisure chair height to below the knee and leg height equal, that old man sitting, foot is placed on the ground. At the same time, leisure chair seat length, and old man's hip to knee length.

      Third, leisure chairs to choose the best light, 3~ 4 kilograms for the best.

      In addition, let old chair more comfortable sitting up and some tips. If the chair is too high, put a foot stool. If the chair is too low, on the cushion, the cushion needs to have certain hardness. If leisure chair seat length is too long, the backrest and the elderly between coupled with a soft cushion.